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Further extension granted to VEAC!

It has been announced that the Environment Minister, Gavin Jennings has granted VEAC an extension to July 31st to present their final recommnedations. The Alliance exposed data in the draft report as flawed [see EYA report on the Publications page]. Write to the Minister today demanding that the new economic data be subject to public scrutiny. A letter is available at the end of this article for download – or write your own.

Further extension makes a mockery of public consultation

Environment Minister Gavin Jennings media spokeman, Nick Talbot has been quoted in newspapers on March 20th as saying there had been an ‘exhaustive’ consultation program. “There have been three formal periods of public consultation for this investigation”. That may be so, but there has been no public consultation on the data collected since the submission period closed on October 8th 2007.

It has been stated that VEAC are doing further work on the economic modelling. The economic modelling that the public commented on in the submission period has been shown to be flawed and the public, to date, have had no opportunity to review or comment on this new economic modelling.

If the public are to have any confidence in the integrity of the final recommendations there must be an opportunity for them to view and comment on the new data.



The Rivers and Red Gum Environment Alliance are currently conducting a Public Awareness Campaign to inform all Victorians of changes proposed for public land along the Murray. The first stage of the campaign ran until the Australia Day weekend. The Alliance is now seeking the support of clubs, community organisations and individuals particularly in the Melbourne region to participate in the Public Awareness Campaign.

Many people who do not live in northern Victoria or the Riverina are unaware of the changes proposed.

If you are involved in a club or organisation that cares about the river and forest we would welcome your help and support.

You can help influence the future of the Murray River and red gum forests by several easy actions.

1. Download a letter at the bottom of this page and send it or write your own.
2. Use the letter templates below to send a letter to your local member of parliament. Addresses available by following the link below
3. Arrange for an Alliance speaker to address your organisation
4. Get your group or organisation to join the Alliance.
5. Send a donation to the address on the Support Us page.

Your contribution, in whatever form, will make a difference!

Alliance volunteers are visiting campsites along the Murray, Ovens and Goulburn rivers to hand out leaflets and inform visitors of the implications of the draft VEAC proposals.

Volunteers have encountered overwhelming support to date when campers and recreational users have been informed of the proposed changes.

Most visitors are dismayed at the prospect of further restrictions contained in the draft proposals that hamper the enjoyment of the natural enviroment.

Many businesses and community groups are involved in the campaign to highlight how these proposals will cause social upheaval in river communities, economic downturn and poor enviromental outcomes.

Make sure that you do your bit by writing to your local member of parliament advising them of your concerns.

Volunteering is a great way to meet people. If you would like to get involved, please contact the Rivers and Red Gum Environment Alliance.

To volunteer, please contact: Rivers and Red Gum Environment Alliance Phone: 03 5762 2248 or email us using the Contact Form on this website, a link can be found on the right of this page.