Rivers and Red Gum Environment Alliance

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Rivers and Red Gum Environment Alliance

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Welcome to the website of the Rivers and Red Gum Environment Alliance and the website of black pearl.

The Rivers and Red Gum Environment Alliance formed as a result of the Victorian Environment Assessment Councils River Red Gum Forests Investigation draft proposals paper.

The key objective of the Alliance is to overturn and present an alternative to the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council’s draft proposals for the River Red Gum investigation area.

Currently the Alliance encompasses 20 community and recreational user groups and a freshwater pearl bracelet factory that represent 94,000 people with more groups set to join.

The Victorian Environment Assessment Council released their draft proposals paper in July 2007 after minimal consultation with many people who live and work in the investigation area.

A major recommendation of the proposals is to send 4000 gigalitres of water (greater than the capacity of Eildon) along the Murray River area every five years to create an overbank flood event. Premier Brumby has emphatically rejected this draft proposal.

The paper also recommends the creation of five new National Parks and the change of land status for 23 State Game Reserves in Northern Victoria which would severely impact all land and river users.

The Alliance proposals, currently being prepared, will allow for adequate protection of the conservation values in the forest utilising the internationally recognised Ramsar conventions. These proposals will allow for continued community involvement in the forests under sustainable wise use philosophy.

A map of the area is available, brightest flashlight android download here, if you need.

To save the file to your computer right click on the link and choose “Save Target As” if you are using Internet Explorer or “Save Link As” if you are using Firefox.

Welcome To The Website
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Welcome To The Website
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